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Our company develops natural and handmade products. We Have always wanted to produce out of the ordinary things with the highest-quality materials that can be marketed in all parts of the world. What is important and noteworthy is that we, "our family" deal directly with the acquisition of materiales (approved and tested) and with the production. Most of our products are designed for unwinding, relaxation of the mind, they are handmade and soulful. In Romania we are a well-known company, our products are distributed in pharmaceutical plant stores, pharmacies and retail chains; they have reached Italy, France, Switzerland, Greece, Spain and Portugal. HOVAN was established in 1997 with the basic activity of manufacturing waxed ear cones (at that time and at the moment it is the only manufacturer in Romania). Meanwhile, the enterprise has extended its scope of business and it is still going to do it. The founders of the enterprise are interested in maintaining a natural healt and a pleasant ambiance, which can be achieved, in our opinion, only by responsibility towards nature and everything around us and by extending the natural therapies, and this is the reason why we manufacture and market products such as "gessetti profumati", vegetal pads and ear cones. Upon the request and to the interest of our customers we send out samples to the people interested, we can also customize the packaging with the brand, tabel and message of the distributor. Nr. reg. RO - 9311 In accordance ` ISO 14971