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When the ear's self-cleaning mechanism is not working properly, wax fillings can form, if not removed can cause irritation, hearing loss, itching, whistling and momentary loss of balance.

Many people try to remove the earwax plug with excessive cleanliness or with  rough methods, cleaning the ear canal 
with sprays and cotton buds.

These methods can have dangerous results, because often the wax is just pushed deeper into the ear canal, 
closing it permanently and risking damage to the eardrum.
The ear cone is an optimal solution for both ear hygiene and for helping to remove any wax fillings.

The ear cone we produce at HOVAN NATUR is a natural hygienic product made from pure untreated sterilised cotton, beeswax, palm wax and propolis.
The cotton wrapping, the optimal cone length and the uniformity of the beeswax coating are the main characteristics of the product to obtain a optimal result.

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The drip collector device adheres perfectly to the walls of the earcone and thanks to its raised centre it creates a space that retains any wax build-ups (also limited by the characteristics of the cotton).

The safety device, made of Polyethylene terephthalate, allows the heat of combustion to have a maximum effect on the treatment, guaranteeing maximum safety.
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