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Cotton is the very important structure of our ear cone.
We use a heavier weight untreated cotton with a narrow reticulation point to give our earcone a slow and consistent burn, the benefits are seen during treatment.

Another advantage of using a heavier weight cotton is that at the end of the treatment when combustion is near the flame extinguisher, the structure remains upright without buckling, which would result in a potential fall of the residue.

Virgin beeswax comes in shades of colour 
ranging from light yellow to brown.

The beeswax we use comes from beekeepers 
and does not contain esters and chemicals.

To produce our ear cone, it is essential to 
select the best quality raw materials.

Paraffin flakes come in the form of a waxy body, whitish, which is non-soluble in water and in acids.
It is used to solidify all the ingredients of the earcone.

Palm wax

Palm wax, extracted from the leaves of Brazilian palm trees can 
can be recognised by its whitish colour, with residues of elements 
natural elements.
It is a wax of vegetable origin.