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Scented ''GESSETTI'' 
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Scented ''Gessetti'' comes in 4 different aromas
• The packaging contains a ceramic piece and a vial 
to refresh its fragrance.

• The fragrance of the ceramic can last up to 12 months using 
the refreshment vial.

• Scents drawers, wardrobes, smaller rooms etc.
Every scent has a memory and every memory has a scent.

Delicate and subtly scented ceramic pieces will fill your home with a beautiful fragrance.

Thanks to the process of mixing essential oils into the ceramic, fragrances will be released gradually for a delicate and long-lasting effect.
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*The expiration term for the fragrance once opened is 1 year.
Keep out of reach of children or pets. 

Direct contact with the ceramic may damage textiles
and painted surfaces.
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